What is a Public Address (PA) System?

A public address system is one that allows a single user or group of users to address a larger public number of people with the use of a microphone (or other audio source), a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers typically in a venue or building.

The components of a public address system are different depending upon the size and type of venue or building and the number of people a system needs to address.

What is a Background Music (BGM) System?

A Background Music System in a commercial environment is a music playback system that plays continuous background music, normally via a distributed public address audio system. It may include an element of zoning so volume levels are suitable for each area or zone of an environment.

The music selection can be profiled for a particular brand; venue or building as is suitable and automatically updated for the venue. Repeats within such a system are minimized (which helps staff and visitors) and can be interspersed with live broadcasts, adverts and if required staff training/company announcements.

PABGM integrated system Illustrated:


OPTIMUS S.A. is the leading Spanish company in the design, manufacture and distribution of public address (PA), sound and background music equipment.

With The products of Optimus, Red Fox is able to provide the Public Address, Background music, sound and intercommunication systems adapted to suit the needs of the following types of infrastructure buildings or facilities.


Optimus Products Lineup includes the following:


SMM -8SA Message Manager


The SMM-8SA pre-recorded audio messages managing module, integrated with the PA system, allows sending messages to the loudspeakers of the installation according to the time schedule settings, with control of up to 8 zones. The device operates standalone; the computer is only used to adjust the parameters and to store settings and MP3 files on the drive, via Ethernet connection and from integrated WebServer, which works from any browser.

  • Management of up to 50 hourly programs to send prerecorded messages.
  • Each message can combine up to 3 different MP3 audio files.
  • Audio output (0 / -60 dB) with priority by relay and front panel volume control.
  • Management of up to 8 zones through open collector outputs.
  • Advanced time programming, start and end, time of launch, frequency, repetition and exceptions (holidays).
  • Built-in RTC (Real Time Clock).
  • Input contacts (8) for remote activation of messages, with selectable priority, higher than scheduled messages.
  • Programming from computer via Ethernet connection and integrated WebServer.
  • Stand-alone operation without computer.

Outdoor Speakers WCM-22


The new models of 2-way speakers with protection IP56 and 32W RMS power for 100 V line and are available in white (WCM-32WT) or black (WCM-32BT) with aluminum mounting bracket included. This versatile speaker, by its design, can be installed in any environment and, by its degree of protection also in outdoors, as they are resistant to dust and rain.