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A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system that links the different internal telephones within a building or organization premises and also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP Providers and SIP Trunks.

Business Communication & IP - PBX

One of the latest developments in PBX phone technology is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.


PABX & Telephony

A PABX system refers to a Private Automatic Branch Exchange service that allows a business to own many telephone lines without paying for each line separately. This is also used to implement the standard telephony solution found in many offices worldwide.

How does it work?

PABX Systems are used by businesses and organizations with multiple telephony requirements. It gives a single number the ability to provide multiple lines to incoming callers and can provide outgoing lines to staff and agents internally. To get a PABX system for your business, contact us to help you.


Once the service is set up, the PABX will serve as the exchange point. It will forward calls to the designated extensions or end-point. These extensions can be modems, fax machines, telephones and more. PABX systems are also extremely flexible and scalable so can be designed to meet the needs of any business.

Why should you get the Red Fox Telephony system whether it’s IP-PBX or PABX?

The Red Fox Telephony system ensures you do not have to buy a lot of equipment, thereby saving time and reducing cost while boosting efficiency. We take care of the system for you from installation to maintenance.

The Red Fox Telephony system is designed to deliver a unique solution that fulfills your expectations whether they are individual or corporate. Companies can have a single number despite the different locations of their offices because our system can extend the telephony service to cover all outlets and locations based on the scale of organization and their requirements. With Technological improvement, new features have arrived and our new systems offer extended business solutions, such as:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Auto Call Distributor
  • Call Blocking & Forwarding
  • Auto Dialing
  • And more….

Avaya is known as a leader in helping organizations around the world succeed by integrating communications with business strategy and operations. In fact, it came about as an independent company so it could bring even more focus to innovating in business communications. Avaya provides a complete portfolio of business phones and building communications endpoints; offering devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, and across campuses, supporting office, mobile, remote, and video users.


1. B100 Series Conference Phones

This product enables sophisticated yet easy-to-use communication systems for small to large companies. Avaya’s patented OmniSound™ technology helps ensure crystal clear transmission during meetings, so participants don’t miss any of the discussion. Plug-and-play simplicity lets you connect the conference phone to an Ethernet cable or phone line. Flexible, advanced features enhance audio, web, and video conferencing environments. Choose from a variety of conference phone models to address the needs of different users in your enterprise.

2. Wireless Phones

Bring the power of IP telephony to your wireless LAN. These wireless handheld phones, including IP and DECT models, are designed for a range of user needs and environments. Wireless connections and features like conferencing and directory access help users stay productive, even as they move throughout the building or across campus. Exceptional voice quality helps ensure employees communicate clearly and efficiently from virtually any location.


3700 Series DECT Handsets
Avaya 3700 Series DECT Handsets deliver high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or across the premises.


IP Wireless Phones
Avaya IP Wireless Phones help promote and enhance user productivity and responsiveness with advanced mobile communications over wireless LANs.

3. Desktop Phones

Executives, managers, receptionists, walk-ups, and mobile and remote employees can now stay connected, accessible, and productive all day. Avaya offers the broadest array of IP, digital, analog, wireless, and SIP desk phones.


9600 Series IP Deskphones
Avaya’s flagship line of IP Deskphones offers brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizable options, and high performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touch screens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional desktop telephone experience.


H100 Series Video Collaboration Stations
Avaya video collaboration stations deliver highly effective engagement throughout your business day. Go beyond a basic video phone with full HD video conferencing, a business phone and unified communications features—all in one touchscreen desktop station.


J129 IP Phones
Get all your essential call-handling features in an affordable, yet highly functional SIP Phone. This phone delivers the top functionalities needed by users in any-size businesses.


1400 Series Digital Deskphones
Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users, the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones combine an attractive and contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features. These phones work with the Avaya Aura® Platform and the Avaya IP Office™ Platform.


9500 Series Digital Deskphones
Small and midsize businesses rely on these high-quality deskphones that suit virtually every role within business. Get superior audio and a full range of communications and collaboration features built into your deskphones.


9400 Series Digital Deskphones
Help keep all your employees productive with intuitive and easy-to-use phones that deliver a full suite of communications features. Avaya 9400 Series Digital Deskphones feature intelligently-designed interfaces and crystal-clear sound.


7000 Series Digital Deskphones
Find the phone that meets your small business feature and affordability requirements without compromising best-in-class performance. These high- quality, stylish phones offer a wide range of user-friendly features to suit many business environments and users.


3900 Series Digital Deskphones
The Avaya 3900 Series Digital Deskphones come in five models with a variety of accessories. Improve productivity with easy-to-use interfaces, a call logging feature, self-labeling keys, and simplified administration.


1100 Series IP Deskphones
The ergonomically designed 1100 Series IP Deskphones are available in a range of models for employees in every area of your business. These phones feature message waiting, incoming call, and data messaging indicators, and icon- and text-based keycaps. Several models offer integrated Bluetooth® audio gateways for increased mobility, and Gigabit Ethernet PC and LAN ports for future expandability.


1200 Series IP Deskphones
The 1200 Series IP Deskphones offer multiple softkeys, integrated speakerphones, advanced audio-quality technology for crystal-clear conversations, headset support, and an integrated Ethernet switch for single-drop desktop wiring. Designed to serve a variety of business needs, they’re easy to customize for your most advanced users.


TSG-Certified Secure IP Phones
These innovative, efficient phones are designed for use by the Federal Government. The phones bring security and complete communications functions to desktops within Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs)—no external devices are needed.




Grandstream Networks, Inc. has been connecting the world since 2002 with SIP Unified Communications products that allow businesses to be more productive than ever before. Their award-winning products used by the small, medium business and enterprises markets; have been recognized throughout the world.

Each product portfolio is based on SIP standard and is feature rich with both traditional and advanced features, supporting a broad range of video codecs that are easy to manage through web-based GUI interfaces.


Business Conferencing
The GVC3200 is a ground-breaking solution that offers small businesses a revolutionary video conferencing system with unprecedented flexibility and the power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box.


IP Voice Telephony
Grandstream designs and manufactures a wide-range of IP phones in order to offer a model best suited for every business and user type - from small business IP phones to Enterprise IP phones to DECT Cordless IP phones, Grandstream IP Phones are trusted and deployed by some of the largest enterprises and service providers in the world.


IP Video Telephony
The GXV3200 series of IP Video Phones for Android ™ are 6-line IP phones that offer a powerful multimedia experience including multi-platform video calling and full access to all apps in the Google Play Store – including popular business apps. These innovative devices extend the power of video communications to the desktop while offering tablet-like functionality and web access.


Gateways and ATAs
Whether you are networking a whole office, multiple offices – or looking to extend IP connections to analog devices, Grandstream has the Gateway or ATA that you need. Grandstream’s Gateways and ATAs are trusted by some of the largest service providers in the world.


Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage on premise IP PBXs with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per feature. The UCM6100 series is designed for small and medium businesses as it supports up to 500 users and the UCM6510 is ideal for small and medium enterprises as it supports up to 2000 users.


For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, construction and more. The flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Samsung phones for small to mid-sized businesses allow us to design systems that will maximize resources and allow users to harness the full potential of enterprise.

1. IP Phones



2. Digital Phones




3. Communication Platforms




Panasonic began with a desire to create things of value. Its hard work & dedication resulted in one innovative product after another and transformed Panasonic into the electronics giant of today.

Panasonic products enable us to design and propose different kinds of Communication Systems. These offer a wide range of communication solutions involving both Analogues to IP models. Contact us and we will help you select the model that best matches your usage and special needs of the building or business environment.

Panasonic Products

1.) Corded IP Phones




2.) Smart Desk Phones









Panasonic Unified Communications Platforms

For supporting administrative functions across your business, Panasonic unified communications products enable advanced IP-based network communications, desk-based phones and highly configurable voicemail systems. Panasonic hybrid IP PBXs combines the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the convergence of IP technology, offering feature-rich functionality and flexibility to handle all your business communication needs.







astTECS is the asterisk arm of iTECS, a telecom distributor specializing in Mobile/VoIP Gateways. iTECS Communications Pvt Ltd is a telecom centric enterprise established in Oct 2010 with a vision to revolutionize the Global Telecom market with Asterisk based products that are considered to be the “Future of Telephony”.

astTECS product range includes the following:


astTECS IP Phones

*astTECS IP Phones are designed for Office, Call Centers & other business organizations. They feature unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, HD voice, multiple line appearances, contextual soft keys, phone books, DND and advanced applications. The ergonomically-designed phones are equipped with essential features that the modern business environment demands and primarily targeted towards small business users and large office applications. These units fully support all of the major SIP-based IP PBX / Softswitch / IMS platforms.


Product Description

  • 2 SIP accounts and three-way conference
  • LCD display supports Multi-Language.
  • HD Voice
  • Advanced Call capability: 2 lines with double color(GREEN & RED) LEDs, Synchronously control or manage 2 calls, call queue, Switch between lines. Multi-parties conference, call transfer.
  • All kinds of Phone Book: It supports XML Personal Phone Book/ LDAP/ Enterprise Phone Book etc.
  • Support HTTP/ TFTP/ FTP/ Auto-Provision.
  • Support Power Adapter and POE (Optional: ast510-P)
  • Support 4 programmable keys.

Product Description

  • 2 SIP accounts and three-way conference
  • LCD display supports Multi-Language.
  • HD Voice
  • Advanced Call capability: 2 lines with double color (GREEN & RED) LEDs, Synchronously control or manage 2 calls, call queue, Switch between lines. Multi-parties conference, call transfer.
  • All kinds of Phone Book: It supports XML Personal Phone Book/ LDAP/ Enterprise Phone Book etc.
  • Support HTTP/ TFTP/ FTP/ Auto-Provision.
  • Support Power Adapter and POE (Optional: ast510-P)
  • 2-Angle adjustable bracket, wall-mountable.

Product Description

  • 8 SIP accounts and three-way conference
  • 4.3” 480 x 272 Pixels HD LCD
  • Customizable options on screen
  • HD Voice
  • Advanced Call capability: Programmable buttons (dual-colors LED) and support BLF in programmable buttons.
  • Expansion Module: Up to 6 EMS32 expansion modules and 192 programmable buttons, BLF supported/li>
  • Support Extensible Markup Language(XML)
  • Support Power Adapter and POE (Optional: ast510-P)
  • Support PoE and AC power adapter

New Integrated system Products:


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